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Funeral Flowers.... my dad's.

My dad passed away on Feb 10, outside of WWII, he spent his entire life working in a flower shop and greenhouses.  He was the third generation running the family.  I am generation number 4. He lived a long life and was always wanting to learn more about everything.  Flowers and plants were his life.  In this edition, I am posting a few flower arrangements that were made for his funeral.

Valentines is behind us...

Son, Nicholas, showed up on Saturday.  He took over making bud vases.  This was his first attempt at any type of arranging.  note his special hand technique with the Leather Leaf..  

 Recent funeral flowers
 I really like all white casket spray.
 and on a personal note, I lost my dad last week Thursday, 10-Feb-2011.  Here is a picture of him and my family this past Christmas.  He will be missed.  He had a habit of telling me what needed to get done in the greenhouses as he walked from his house to the flower shop everyday.  At the time, those comments sometimes were annoying, in hindsight, I will miss them.